Welcome to the Toronto Warriors Volleyball Club (TWVC). This is an organization dedicated to providing players of different experience and calibers with the opportunity to learn and improve in the game of volleyball. In each class at all levels we incorporate drills to develop all aspects of the game including overhand and underhand passing, spiking, setting and serving.


Personalized training plans

As the weeks pass we work offensive and defensive drills to incorporate the skills the players have developed in a team play setting. For those that train for us in the weekly clinics, we strive to develop each player’s skill as well as physical fitness, confidence and knowledge base with the game. As players improve on their skills and execution we will advance them through to the higher levels within the clinics to further elevate the skills development along with the introduction of more complex offensive/defensive positioning and strategies.

Skills Development Volleyball Clinics

We now have 4 courts and run a tiered level of training from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Each session is approximately 5 weeks in duration. Classes take place Saturdays from 9:00AM-12:00PM for 5 weeks (some holidays excepted)



The beginner class concentrates on the introduction of fundamental skills such as proper techniques for over hand and under hand passing, spiking and serving. These skills are re enforced through drills with the emphasis placed on repetition. There are some practical applications in game settings.


Intermediate 1

Confident and competent with skills, knowledgeable with the 6 back defensive set up and the setter in the 2 position. Ready to learn the 4-2 setting offence and switching.

Intermediate 2

Confident and competent with skills, knowledgeable with the 6 back defensive set up and the 4-2 setting offence and switching and ready to learn the 5-1 setting offence and stacking.



Confident and competent with all skills and aspects of the game.

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