I found out about Warriors Clinic from a friend who had been attending their clinics for years. I had not touched a volleyball since high school (10+ years) and started in the beginner class. Initially I just wanted to be active and stay in shape but ended up falling in love with the game and I now play in many leagues throughout the week at a fairly advanced level. All thanks to the time put into attending their classes. One major thing that they do that will help your game immensely is reps. In one session you’ll pass 200+ balls, hit 75+ times, etc. So you will be able to develop the muscle memory to be able to improve at in game situations. Working on all skills needed for the game in each practice also makes me a better all around player.

My advice: Try a session and you’ll be hooked but be ready for an intense workout. You can’t beat this amount of training for the price.

— Chris

If you are looking for a place to improve your volleyball skills, improve your fitness and have fun, The Toronto Warriors Volleyball Club is the place to join!

I started playing volleyball recreationally 5 years ago and when I joined the training, I really didn’t have any idea about how to play volleyball efficiently. I have been attending the training for 2 years now and have noticeably improved my skills and gained confidence in my play. The training is quite intensive and hard work but it’s fun. I truly love the training and it is worth driving from Georgetown. Coach Chris and Cris are great mentors and guaranteed, you will improve your skills in many different areas. I am seriously hooked on this training and highly recommend you give it a try.

I will continue to join each session.

— Hitomi

I’d like to say thank you very much for both Chris and Cris. I am so happy I can practice and play in your class every Saturday, it is such a pleasure.

I started volleyball 5 years ago as a local recreation team in Georgetown. I was a beginner and I couldn’t even serve over the net.

And one year ago I joined your class. Coming in I didn’t know at all how to dive, pancake, over hand serve, quick spike, 6 back formation, switches and so many other things… Every single time I have learned something to improve my playing and I love it!!! Thank you very much for teaching as a very professional coach. It is a really great class. I want to continue to improve my playing abilities , so I will continue your great class as much as I can.

Thank you very much Chris and Cris!!

— Makiko

Before I came to the Toronto Warriors clinic I was a subpar player who didn’t know positioning that well, couldn’t set, couldn’t pass and couldn’t serve over hand to save my life.

But with Chris’ “tough-love” approach to coaching I was able to improve on all the areas I was struggling in within a few sessions! He took the time to correct my form and technique and did the same (and continues to do the same) for every player, no matter how big the class size.
I honestly didn’t think I was going to last this long, sacrificing my saturday mornings to drive from Mississauga to Scarborough for volleyball every weekend, but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop! They’re like family now and if it weren’t for the people running the Toronto Volleyball Warriors Club I wouldn’t have been doing this for the past 3 years.

Totally worth it.

— Deanna

I received a session with the Toronto Warriors Volleyball Club as a Christmas gift after expressing interest in cleaning up my skills and correcting a few bad habits.

The coaching staff has been amazing–they very quickly isolated problem areas and have been both helpful and motivating in improving my game!

The clinics are challenging and fun and I have noticed steady improvement both in general fitness and on the court! Highly recommend this is if you want to work hard, have fun, and be a better player!

Its all true! Love this group.

— Anathea

As a long time participant of the Warriors Volleyball Clinics, I have nothing but positive things to say about them. The dedication of the coaching staff to the game of volleyball and to the improvement of each and every participant regardless of skill level is evident from the very first day.

Chris and Cris are extremely knowledgeable, skilled, hard working and supportive. The clinics are well organized, efficiently run and affordable. For anyone who is willing to work hard, I strongly recommend attending a session with the Warriors. Not only will you see improvements in your overall fitness, I can guarantee your game will improve and you will come out of the experience a much improved player.

— Vaiva

I have always had a passion in playing volleyball and enjoyed it all throughout my school career. When school had ended, I only found myself playing indoor on the sand and really missed the feel of the court. Through a friend’s recommendation, a couple of my friends and I decided to sign up for Warriors Clinic back in January 2016 and we have continued going because of the great atmosphere and people.

Coach Chris and Cris are great mentors that have really helped me improve my skills and knowledge of the game. They are really dedicated in what they do, and ensure that they develop good and challenging drills to keep students entertained weekly. They work closely with each and every one of us, helping us tweak our bad habits/mistakes and giving us feedback on how to improve them. Over the past year, I am truly grateful to have stumbled upon this clinic as they have allowed me to really develop my skills. I have learned more in the last year with Coach Chris and Cris, then I have had during my school career.

Thank you both for the great opportunity to play with the 9-man team, and I hope for many more clinic years to come.

— Jennifer

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